You suggest I untick all devices under “allow calls”, but leave “allow calls” itself ticked ? I’ve now done that, rebooted, it was fixed immediately, but it returned later that day.

  • If you want the fastest method, then we recommend the latter.
  • The Macworld site has a detailed list of cleaning tips that explains how to find and trash old Mail downloads, cache files and disk images.
  • This is not a complete list of fees, and if applicable on your account, these monthly fees are in addition to your monthly service fee.
  • If you have lost photos, you can easily recover them.

Backup ensures you can restore the essential files that you have accidentally deleted from the Other storage. Cleaning the Other storage without losing any valuable files is crucial. So, you should remove only those files that you know are unwanted. In case you don’t know about any file, don’t remove it. Also always pick the best & trusted clean-up software for safe and secure cleaning of your Mac systems.


Neither streaming or downloading are safe options. Because all content is user-generated, it’s also possible whomever uploaded content did so with malicious intent. Each TV show or movies is a file, and like any other file downloaded from the Internet, it how to get rid of EpsanDrive on google chrome can be corrupted.

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Click “View” in the menubar, and select “Show View Options” or press “J” on your keyboard. On the new window, tick the box before “Show Library Folder”.

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Click on Review & Clean Up to remove selected files. This article will explain how to see storage on a Mac and find and safely remove unneeded files from Other Storage on Mac. To remove browser extensions, you should follow a set of instructions that are specific to your browser. Checking your storage on Mac isn’t difficult – but managing it can be.